Maximise choice. Reduce project risk. Lower TCO.

HCI for VMware vSAN. Combine a range of Dell EMC hardware with VMware vSAN software into a ready-to-order package.


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Options for vSAN based solutions

Customers looking for vSAN based solutions for their datacentre and client virtualisation needs can consider the following options:

- Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Virtualisation - pre-validated and flexibly sized solution, with a choice of building blocks of compute, storage (both traditional SAN and software defined storage) and networking - optimised to support VMware vSphere virtualised environments.
- Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes (with BOSS or SD card boot option) - for customers who want the simplicity of using nodes validated for vSAN, but have unique requirements, standards, or processes for configuration and installation that they prefer.
- Dell EMC VxRail - fully integrated, preconfigured, and tested hyperconverged infrastructure appliance that simplifies and extends VMware environments

Choose the right configuration for your workload

Not all workloads have the same requirements, so you need configuration choice to get the right solution. Dell provides a variety of ready-to-order platform options and select factory-installed configurations, such as: - Value-optimised configuration for smaller projects and fine-grained scalability - Storage-dense configuration for maximising storage capacity increments - Compute-dense configuration for more compute-intensive workloads Some configurations include available GPU support for your graphics-intensive virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) projects.

Lower your total cost of ownership

Dell VMware vSAN Ready Nodes drive lower capital costs and decreased operational costs resulting in lower TCO. Capital expenditures are minimised because you have the flexibility to spend less up-front and scale only if necessary. Administrative overhead is reduced with fewer interfaces, fewer steps to complete tasks and reduced need for specialised knowledge. - Start small and grow only when needed with a scale out architecture - Streamline management and operations with hyperconverged infrastructure - Simplify administration with integrated hardware and software management

vSAN Ready Nodes 

vSAN ready nodes allow Dell EMC and VMware to work together. Components are pre-certified and supported for simplicity and ease, says Lee Caswell, VP products, storage and availability at VMware.